Want your kids to be patient and responsible, with good reading and math scores?

The benefits of learning a musical instrument (at any age) are plenty, and with children specifically,

it has been shown to teach patience, increased responsibility, boost their self-esteem and assist in better reading and math scores.

At SuperMuso, we are passionately creating “Music Super Heroes”.

We enjoy nurturing children’s musical abilities, seeing them develop an appreciation for the art of music.

These are just some of the skills we foster in your children,

and what better way to do it whilst they are learning to play a new instrument and having fun doing it!

We currently offer 2 services:


Instrumental Classes:

Instrumental classes are offered to students over the age of 6, in weekly 40-minute sessions, running with the school term.  Classes are small and consist of no more than 6 students at a time.
In a typical class, your child learns how to read music, play the musical instrument of choice and use technology to play the latest songs, allowing them to relate to current music trends (as well, as making them super cool 😊). This keeps the classes fun, as well as educational.
Enroll for instrumental classes here

SuperMuso Kids:

For your younger kids (ages 3 – 6), we offer the SuperMuso Kids program, based on the ColourStrings method.
This program is offered at your pre-school and lasts 20 minutes.
Classes are fun and interactive, allowing younger kids to learn basic music concepts before starting on an instrument.
This program is an ideal foundation for your kids to progress towards our instrumental classes.
Enroll for SuperMuso Kids classes here

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You don’t want to be left out of this opportunity to get your groove on. As there are limited spots available, act now by enrolling for drums or guitar to book your spot before it’s too late!  

SM Stassen Kid at Drums