SuperMuso’s Terms & Conditions:

When you sign-up at SuperMuso, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


The payer understands and agrees to the following:

*A yearly sign-up fee that is payable on registration

* An annual lesson fee based on the chosen lesson option, payable over a 12-month period, in advance before the 5th of each month, using the PayFast subscription method.

* Making payments faithfully as indicated by the chosen lesson payment option.

* Late payment penalties will apply where subscription payments are missed or not provided for by the payer.

* All fees are non-refundable.

* Lessons can only be attended if all fees were paid as per the terms above.


The payer understands and agrees to the following:

* When a student sign-up for lessons they commit to an annual fee paid with a subscription over a 12-month period.

* When a student wishes to cancel lessons during this 12-month period the following procedure applies:

          Step 1: A written notice of intent to cancel via email to

          Step 2: Submitting a completed cancellation form, via link sent on reply to notice.

          Step 3: Cancellation fee of R750 is immediately payable (via Payfast Request).

          Step 4: No lessons can be attended after cancelling.


The parent/student/payer understands and agrees to the following:

* Group lessons missed by students are forfeited and cannot be rescheduled.

* When a solo student (one-on-one) cannot attend a lesson for any reason, the   coach will record a video in that particular time slot and send it to the student.

* Solo students can however reschedule a lesson when notice is given more than 24 hours before the lesson slot, provided an alternative time slot is available.

* There are only lessons during school terms according to the official public school calendar, and no lessons during the public school holidays or on public holidays.

* We guarantee a minimum of 40 lessons during the year. Pls refer to the calendar outlined below:

SuperMuso’s 2023 Term Dates:


2023 Term Dates:


Holiday Dates:

Term 1

11 Jan - 24 Mar


25 Mar - 11 Apr

Term 2

12 Apr - 23 Jun


24 Jun - 17 Jul

Term 3

17 Jul – 29 Sep


30 Sept - 8 Oct

Term 4

9 Oct - 9 Dec


10 Dec -

Total of weeks



2023 Public Holidays:

20 March:

Special School Holiday

21 March:

Human Rights Day

7 April:

Good Friday

10 April:

Family Day

27 April:

Freedom Day

28 April:

Special School Holiday

1 May:

Workers’ Day

16 June:

Youth Day

9 August:

National Women’s Day

24 September:

Heritage Day

25 September:

Public Holiday

When you sign-up at SuperMuso, you consent to the POPI Act as outlined below: 

* Administrators of a WhatsApp Group are required to obtain your consent for being part of a group. As a result, you are herewith notified that you are entitled to refuse such consent and you may exercise such a right by leaving a group.

* Should you elect to remain in the group, it is understood that you have consented to being a part of the group and to your personal information (being your cell phone number and name used in your WhatsApp settings) being noticeable to any person in the group.

* In this regard, POPI Act clearly states that you may not use other members' private details for anything without the consent of the relevant person.

* The Administrators of all WhatsApp groups associated with SuperMuso have undertaken not to make any personal information of any member of a WhatsApp group, available to a third party, without the express permission of the member.

* When you sign-up at SuperMuso, you consent that photos and videos may be posted of the student on SOCIAL MEDIA.

* When you sign-up at SuperMuso, you understand and agree that SuperMuso reserves their right to update their terms and conditions as they deem fit, and that you will not hold SuperMuso liable in any way.